Many times people ask me why I prefer working from home. I realize WFH doesn’t suit everyone. Some people don’t have the right home environment, they have distractions, they need the environmental shift. But for others, like me, #workingfromhome is a significant improvement in their situation.

Reasons why I prefer working from home:

– Nobody can walk up to my desk and distract me.
– I eat a much healthier (and cheaper) lunch
– I save an hour a day not commuting
– I get more sleep (directly related to no commute) and am therefore sharper
– Almost zero of my work requires me to be in the same place as the rest of my team.

Reasons an employer should support WFH arrangements:

– Employees “watch the clock” much less. It’s not a big deal to put in extra time when it just requires me to 20 feet to the office
– The need less real estate to support their workforce
– Morale is improved when the employee has choice

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