Protecting your credit card number from hackers

We’ve reached a time where website data breaches have become so common that it doesn’t even make the news anymore. As of September 2021, there have already been 1,291 reported website data breaches! (link) If just one of those breaches resulted in theft of your credit card information, you’ll likely see some unexpected charges on your account. Let’s face it: You’re not likely to just stop using your credit card numbers online to pay bills or buy things, are you?

What if you could have a card number that is not only unique to each website you use it at, it can then ONLY be used at that specific website? Then, even if a hacker steals your card number, selling it does them no good. The card can’t be used anywhere else. Sure, you’re still at risk for fraudulent purchases from that website, but at least it’s ONLY that website. For example, you can have a card that only works at Best Buy and a different one that only works at Target and so on. What if, even better, you can create one time use credit card numbers. Cards that once you use them once, they die and no longer work again, ever. That would be really nice. Wouldn’t it?

Well now, you can! Let’s welcome to the market.

So what kinds of features do you get with Privacy?

  • Cost: It’s FREE. No small print, no catches. It’s a completely free service. Privacy gets paid from the retailer / website that you use the card on.
  • Site Lock: All cards lock to the website they are used at on first use.
  • Limits: Cards can optionally have per transaction, monthly or yearly spend limits. Don’t want Netflix raising your fee without you knowing it? Set the monthly limit to what you expect to pay. The card will decline if they try to charge you more.
  • Pause: Want to turn off a card temporarily? You can pause them and then turn them back on when you want them to work again
  • Close: Done with that card? Close it and it’ll never work again

I use Privacy for every website I buy from and every credit card number I give out over the phone. Go ahead, Mr. Hacker… Breach and steal my card number. It won’t get you very far.

Interested? Sign up today! Best yet, if you use the link to the left, you get 5.00 for trying it out and I get 5.00 for referring you.

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